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In today's dynamic and fast-evolving world, it is important to be able to reach your customers anywhere and at any given time. MaxiSMS provide the tools for your business to open a personalized communication channel with new and existing customers.
  Includes customization capabilities:  
  With MaxiSMS you can:  
  1. Change your message with a few simple mouse clicks by using saved template messages.
  2. Choose to deliver your message instantly.
  3. Schedule future delivery of your message at a precise time.


  • Enables truly personalized communication with customers
    You are able to market to customers on a one-on-one basis, thus giving them the feel of individual treatment via the SMS sent to their mobile phones. Including their names in the SMS with the "Insert Database Field" function of MaxiSMS enhances the feeling of specialness.
  • Shortens your time to market considerably
    You can reach groups of people who are interested in knowing about your products and services instantly.
  • Allows the transmission of time-sensitive information
    You may, for example, wish to reach your customers just before lunch hour (if you have a restaurant) and you want to promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week.